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Park guidelines


Safety First!

A major attraction for campers at our park is the natural environment of the campground which is located adjacent to the Brazos River. The campground’s environment and river each have dangers and nuisances that can be problematic to campers. Horses, Wild animals (deer, wild hogs, snakes, insects, spiders, ants, bees, wasps, etc.), adverse vegetation (poison ivy, poison oak, loose branches, falling trees, etc.) and a pond do exist on and/or occasionally cross through the property. The Brazos River is fast moving and the banks of the river are slick and can also give way without warning. Fire pits and barbecues are located on the property. Any and all of the above could cause serious harm or even death. Further, there are both risks and uncertainties not limited to the above that exist on the property that could cause harm and/or adverse effects to Campers, and/or their guests, agents, invitees, contractors.


Fishing Restrictions

Fishing is permitted, however catch-and-release only in the pond. The pond is stocked with good-sized bass and catfish. We are also right on the Brazos River which is known for BIG FISH — huge catfish (30 lbs+ and Alligator Garfish 50 lbs+ are in the river).


Fireworks Notice

Fireworks are prohibited.


Sewer Hook-ups

Sewer lines must be attached with the proper plastic sewer elbow or rubber donut. After cleaning your sewer hoses, please store them properly. Many thanks!!!


Fire Restrictions

Fires and Bar-B-Q's are to be enjoyed in proper pits and in designated locations only.


Vehicle Restrictions

Please keep vehicles in the area you are assigned. Vehicles outside of those areas are charged for the spaces they occupy.


Laundry Restrictions

We provide washing machines and dryers. Absolutely no clotheslines.  (LAUNDRY FACILITY IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION -- SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE)


Waste Restrictions

Our fish pond is very sensitive to the waste we put on the ground. All of the water runs to the pond. Therefore, please dump grey water outside of our park, put trash in sealed receptacles/dumpsters, and wash cars and campers outside of the park.


Pet Restrictions

Pets must be well-behaved, on a leash, cleaned up after, and remain indoors overnight. No aggressive breeds.  


Quiet Hours

Quiet time in the park is observed from 10PM-8AM



Campers and customers, either or both, indemnifies and holds harmless Brazos Bend RV LLC (dba Brazos River Retreat RV), their employees, contractors, agents and/or owners for any adverse encounter, injury, harm or like that they, and/or their guests, agents, invitees, contractors or like have and/or experience related to the campground, property or surrounding properties. Brazos Bend RV LLC (dba Brazos River Retreat RV), their employees, contractors, agents and/or owners are not responsible for damage to vehicles and/or personal property due to falling limbs, trees, river flooding, theft, and/or vandalism.